World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Newborns and Grown Men Share Record

he World's Biggest baby ever born?

People ask or sometimes wonder… Who is the world’s biggest baby ever born?

Now, here a very good question that can be split into two; who is the world’s biggest baby? And… who is the World’s biggest baby ever born.

These may be seen as two very similar questions, but not quite, as we will soon find out.

Unfortunately, neither question has an easy answer. In fact, given the state of our society today, the answers to both questions can be taken to a new level.

In this article, we dig deep into history and modern facts to answer both questions, but be warned that answer will be bizarre. That is life, though.

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born

When talking about the biggest baby ever born, the phrase makes one consider real babies alone, actual newborns, new arrivals into the world, thanks to the mother’s pregnancy.

For this position, there are quite a number of amazing candidates and we list them below.

Note that the average weight of babies carried to full-term by their mothers is around 7 pounds. So states the University of Rochester’s Medical Center.

Anna Bates – The Giant Mother

According to world authority, the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest baby ever born weighed a staggering 22 pounds, that about 23lb 12oz, which makes it more than three times the size of a normal baby.

The child was born in Canada in the year 1879, but its new mother Anna Bates (and father too) suffered from giantism (in old English; giant’s blood – she was a natural giant), died just 11 hours later.

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Carmelina Fedele – The Big Italian Mother

In the year, 1955, a baby boy weighing just under 21 pounds, about 22lbs 8oz, was born to big-boned mother Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy.

The child caught headlines at the time but certainly did not break the already established record of the world’s biggest baby ever born.

Maxime Marin – British Super Mom

In 2013, a British mum, Maxime Marin, 40, living in Spain, went into labor and gave birth shortly. She gave birth to a daughter weighing about 12 pounds (13lb 7oz or 6.2kg).

While this birth did not break preset records of the world’s biggest baby ever born, the child was still twice the size of a normal baby. Another thing was, Maxime, who had two older children, had given birth so quickly and smoothly without any aid whatever. Not even the normal painkillers were needed!

This birth went down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s biggest baby ever born naturally.

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

Jennifer Medlock – The Mum Who Suffered

Jennifer Medlock gave birth to her baby son, Ali in the last days of the year 2018. Precisely on the 12th day of December, at Arlington Medical Hospital in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Baby Ali holds the record of the world’s biggest baby ever born

The new baby weighed a staggering 14 pounds 13 ounces, making him the biggest baby ever born in that hospital. It also made him the entire North American continent, according to available records.

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Jennifer Medlock suffered from severe polycystic ovarian syndrome and had to take fertility medications to conceive. She put to bed via cesarean section and afterward, suffered from secondary infections.

Baby Ali, currently holds the record as the world’s biggest baby alive. At just 2 weeks of age, his clothes were the size of that of a 6 months old baby.

TThe World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

The World’s Biggest Baby

The topic of the world’s biggest baby is not technically the same as that of the biggest baby ever born. Here, adult babies hold the record and normal babies don’t stand a chance even if they weigh 50 pounds, which is over 7 times their normal size!

There have been several reported cases of this issue of grown people living like babies. The medical profession calls it autonepiophilia, also known as psychosexual infantilism. I call it the useless adult syndrome.

One good example of this is the double life of Stanley Thornton, a grown man in the UK who lives part of his life as a baby. He sleeps in a crib, gets comforted and bottle-fed by his mom, and also wears diapers. The British tabloid, Daily Mail, made an extensive report on this man’s life years ago, The Taboo Lifestyle they called it.

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The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

Another strange case here is that of another man-baby who got sued by the state of California for social security fraud due to his baby lifestyle. A grown man collecting social security for being a baby? No one had seen it before so the state sued.

Here’s another case below. A more current one to drive one crazy. Read on.

Meet Barbra and Phil

Barbra and Phil are the middle-aged mom and her grown-up son currently threading social media ever since they made the mistake of uploading photos of their life online.

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

The baby who is a man.
Phil the Cry Baby

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

This man does everything like a baby exactly. He eats, dresses and even cries like a baby. He also like to wears nappeies.

The World’s Biggest Baby Ever Born – Record

His mom, Barbra says she supports her son’s lifestyle but admits she does not like the nappy part and won’t change it when it gets soiled.

Baby Phil doesn’t appear to mind, though. Apparently, he sits and lives comfortably in the soiled nappies without any trouble.

Everyone you see around lives some kind of secret life. Some are shocking while others are regular, but life it is.

So now, to whom will you give the credit as The World’s Biggest baby ever born?


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