Meet The World’s Richest Football Player: Prince Faiq Bolkiah


The world’s richest football player is not Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo as you have been led to believe. The young Prince Faiq Bolkiah who is barely19 years of age and plays for EPL club Leicester City reserves is the richest footballer in the world!

Unlike soccer legends, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi both of who make their incomes directly, thanks to the beefy paychecks given them by their respective clubs and other such endorsements, young Prince Faiq Bolkiah who is yet to make one single professional debut for the club, Leicester City, owes his incredible wealth to the family from which he comes.


Richest Football Player In The World and the Sultan of Brunei

Leicester City’s Faiq Bolkiah is a young attacker who plays in the wings, is one of the top heirs to the incredibly wealthy Sultan of Brunei.

The Sultan of Brunei is the crown ruler of a tiny nation called Brunei. Until he was displaced by American Tech Tycoon, Bill Gates, in 1990, he was the richest man on earth.  Today, Forbes ranked this King as the world’s fourth-richest man whose net worth stands at over $20 billion.


The Sultan of Brunei


The $400 million Royal palaces and a small part of the Royal Fleet of cars


The official Golden Rolls Royce


Jefri Bolkiah, father of Faiq Bolkiah is a brother of the Sultan and this automatically makes the footballer an important member of the Bolkiah royal family.

Prince Faiq Bolkiah could be living in his very own palace or even holidaying free of charge at the Beverly Hills Hotel which belongs to his family outright, but the nice and honest looking footballer has chosen to live his young life the hard way, by rising through the crowded ranks at Leicester City and it looks a lot like he’s really good at what he does because EFL Championship top drawers FC Wolves have reportedly made fresh moves to sign him.

Prince Faiq Bolkiah’s father is quite a character, though. Reports have it that one reason why the Sultan of Brunei’s fortunes took a serious hit in the early 1990s. Prince Jefri Bolkiah was well known as the king playboy of the royal family of Brunei . According to reliable reports, he spent well over £36m a month on exotic cars, clothes,  gold pens, watches, clothes, and at one time, even throw away a massive £1m on karaoke parties with very lovely women all around him.

Meet The World’s Richest Football Player: Prince Faiq Bolkiah

At his highest point, Prince Jefri Bolkiah was the owner of 2,400 cars, including a host of Rolls-Royces, a large fleet of Bentleys, and several Ferraris. Young Prince Faiq Bolkiah, in his right, could have chosen this life if he wished but chose to follow his heart’s desire and passion. This youngster gave up a heavenly life on earth for the sake of football. Of course, he’s just at it for the time being.

Who knows? He might change his mind tomorrow and return to his wealthy homeland or his Sultan uncle might just make him the country’s Minister of Finance and be done with the madness of football playing!

Meet The World’s Richest Football player | Prince Faiq Bolkiah


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