The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World – Heartbreaking!

They are all insane. They are a family and they live as one.

The Worst Mad Family In The World - mad family

The Worst Mad Family in the world is what they are being called and every member is completely insane!

It is 10 a.m in the morning or thereabouts and the location is a small West African town that lies very close to the great Atlantic Ocean. There’s a quiet muddy street and a few vehicles can be seen driving through it now and then. Coming up the street is a tight group of homeless people, the only people in sight on the street itself. They stop by a rubbish dump and pick a few items then continue on the way up the street. There are a few shops along the street were people can be seen watching this group of homeless people but no one bothers them because they are very strange.

Every member of the group of homeless people is insane but they are one family! The Worst “Mad Family’ in the world is what they are called locally.

Meet the Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World – Heartbreaking!

The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World

Located in the small town of Ogoja, Rivers State, a fairly developed part of Nigeria, West Africa is what has come to be known as the ‘worst mad family’ in the world.

Why is this so, you wonder.

Well, for one thing, this mad family is a whole one. It’s made up of the father, mother and three kids!

The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World

All five members of this family are plagued with the terrible disease of insanity (madness) and can be found wandering the streets of this town, Ogoja in Rivers State, Nigeria.

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A very touching sight it is.

Usually, its just one person that runs made and the rest of the family takes care of him or her. The victim is admitted into a psychiatric ward, given proper medical care and love, and in time will likely get better. But an entire family? Who will now take care for them?

The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World

A Very Strange Family

A number of strange things become apparent once you see this family and observe them closely. Firstly, they are a very united group just like any other normal family.

Secondly, as can be seen in the picture above, the entire family is dressed in very tattered and dirty outfits, obviously mad and homeless, but completely united as one with a sense of organization! The father is carrying one of the 3 kids, obviously the youngest while the mother is bringing up the rear to make sure the other kids are safe.

What you see is not just a one-time thing though. One of the reasons this strange family has gone unnoticed for long by the outside world is that the mother of the family has a nasty reputation for attacking people who try to come too close to her family or take photos of them! Hence there are not too many photos around. In fact, the image used here was taken by someone on a fast bike!

The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World

Insane But Educated

Another amazing fact is that this family communicates in flawless and well educated English. Sounds strange but very true.

The state government has been alerted and the image and story of this family have been made public on social media. It is hoped that some manner of action may be taken to help this unusual family, at least get them off the streets.

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The world, even developed lands are now teeming with homeless people, whole families who live on the streets or in parks. We’ve heard of families living out of trailers, a situation that is very normal in the United States where some even get government benefits. But a whole family of mad people? Most of us have never seen such a thing or heard of it before until now.

This site brings you information on unusual people and events from around the world that are considered unusual records at some level and this family is considered to be the worst mad family in the world.

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Sad, strange, but true and so the story must take its place here.

The Worst ‘Mad Family’ In The World


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